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How to Program a Toyota Camry Key

How to Program a Toyota Camry Key

How to Program a Toyota Camry Keythumbnail
You can program a Toyota Camry key in a few steps.

Toyota Camry offers keyless entry remotes. Press a button on the remote to quickly unlock and lock your vehicles doors. The keyless entry remotes can be provided by the Toyota dealer, an electronics store, or online. Remotes purchased at an electronics store or online might be cheaper than those at the dealer, but they do not come programmed. You can program your remote by following the directions here or by referring to your vehicle driver manual.

Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • ignition key
  • remote
    • 1

      Sit in the vehicle and close all the doors. Insert the key in the ignition. Turn the key from the "Off" to the "Run" position, then back to the "Off" position.

    • 2

      Remove the key from the ignition. Listen for the doors to lock and unlock to indicate the programming mode is active.

    • 3

      Press the "Lock" and "Unlock" buttons on the remote you want to program. Release both buttons simultaneously.

    • 4

      Press the "Lock" button on the remote. Listen for the doors to lock and unlock one time to indicate the remote was programmed.

    • 5

      Open the driver door to exit programming mode. Test the remote by using it to lock and unlock the the vehicle doors. Repeat the steps if the remote is not operational.

Tips & Warnings

  • Repeat all steps to program additional remotes.

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