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How to Unlock a Toyota Matrix

How to Unlock a Toyota Matrix

Manual door locks are a thing of the past. These days, deciphering the different kinds of locks on your car (2 stage, remote) can make it nearly as difficult to get in or out of your vehicle as it is to drive it. If you own a Toyota Matrix, you can follow these simple steps to understand your car's keyless locking mechanism and you'll be out on the open road in no time. You'll even be able to get out of the car once you're home.



things you'll need:

  • Toyota Matrix
  • Keyless entry remote (key fob)
    • 1

      Walk to within a few feet of your Toyota Matrix.

    • 2

      Remove your key fob (remote entry device) and point towards your Matrix, making sure there are no objects or buildings between you and the Matrix.

    • 3

      Press the button on the key fob which corresponds to the action you wish to perform. The buttons on the key fob are labeled lock, unlock and hatch (to open the rear hatch of the Matrix).

    • 4

      Once you hear the mechanism in the door unlock, you are free to open the door. Do not lift the door handle while simultaneously pushing the buttons on your key fob. Doing so could result in damage.

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