Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

How to Reset a Toyota Radio Anti-Theft System

How to Reset a Toyota Radio Anti-Theft System

The latest Toyota vehicles, as of 2010, are equipped with theft-deterrent systems that are connected to the radio. The system disables the radio by locking it when it is removed from the vehicle or when the connection to the battery is disconnected. The radio must be unlocked to be reset. Each vehicle with this feature has a unique code. If you no longer have the code, you can obtain it by contacting a Toyota dealer.



    • 1

      Turn the ignition switch to "On."

    • 2

      Turn on the radio.

    • 3

      Press and hold the "1" preset button and the "Tune Up" button at the same time. Release the buttons when three dashes appear on the radio display.

    • 4

      Enter the unlock code using the radio preset buttons. When the correct code is entered, the radio turns off.

    • 5

      Press the power button to turn the radio on. The radio can be used normally.

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